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Bodyimage Therapy Studio specialises in providing EyeDetox Treatment in Singapore. With 15 years of experience, Bodyimage’s Signature Treatments include EyeDetox, Lymphatic Drainage Facial (LDF), Bust Detox & Tummy Detox. Experience a range of beauty services and body treatments with our professionally skilled aestheticians who are ready to attend to your needs.

EyeDetox is an eye lymphatic drainage treatment popular for its quick, visible and effective results for reducing eye bags and lightening dark eye circles.

Once dark eye circles form, they are difficult to remove, even with eye cream and essences. EyeDetox hence uses lymphatic drainage techniques, western and Chinese medicinal herbs, hot press and massage techniques combined with advanced technology to promote better blood circulation and rid impurities in the eyes, helping customers to regain clearer and brighter eyes almost instantly. Fine lines and fatigue around the eyes are also reduced, creating a youthful and refreshed appearance. Experience this for yourself with Bodyimage today!


“I will routinely go from lymphatic drainage treatments to maintain my breasts.”

Mdm Hew,
Aged – 48

“Now I don’t experience pain when my period comes, and my breasts feel firmer and more relaxed than before.”

Miss Yee Teng,
Aged – 25

“I quite like doing Bodyimage’s Bust Detox™ treatment to remove toxins from my bust. Now, my breasts feel more springy and they don’t feel as constricted as before.”

Mdm Ang,
Aged – 44

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