16 hours. That’s how long you uses your eyes each day.

The eyes are not only the windows to our soul, but are also one of the most important and dynamic organs on our face. Often, we use ‘eyes that talk” or “bright eyes” to describe the look of the eyes, because lively eyes convey a person’s appearance and personality. But when your eyes are working that long hours, it’s hard to avoid tired looking eyes.

In today’s technology saturated world, we spend inordinate time staring at computer screens, smartphones or tablet devices all day, combined with environmental or other factors that affects the health of our eye health. Our eyes are excessively stressed out without sufficient rest to our eyes, resulting in exhausted looking eyes and dark eye circles. Combined with the effect of frequent late nights, eye bags and dry eyes are also observed in many!

Why don’t dark circles go away even after using eye creams everyday? Various reasons can explain that. Firstly, the skin around our eyes are considerably thin, so when blood flows through the vessels underneath our eyes, it will look darker than other parts of our skin. Mostly, this happened due to poor quality of sleep, which causes the lack of oxygen in the blood and stagnancy of blood that lies underneath. Other reasons include incomplete makeup removal, especially from eyeliner and mascara, that result in pigmentations on the skin. Also, as people age, they don’t generate collagen as easily as before. Therefore, the skin underneath their eyes became even thinner and dark circles might seem much more obvious.

Let Bodyimage show you a trick that gives you more results with less work! Ocular Lymphatic Drainage Treatment helps you solve your eye problems to achieve brighter, younger looking eyes!

Frequent eye detoxification helps stimulate acupuncture points, improve eye lymphatic circulation and metabolism of the eye, and effectively solves dark circles, eye bags and dry eyes. It also improves the quality of sleep and readjusts the biological clock.

Unique Eyedetox (Ocular Lymphatic Drainage) is completely safe and natural in effectively solving dark circles, eye bags and dry eyes!

  • Eye Firming
  • Dry & Sensitive Eyes
  • Reduce Dark Circle
  • Dark Eye Bags & Puffiness

Lymphatic Drainage Helps:

  • Remove dark circles, dark eye bags and puffiness
  • Improve dry and sensitive eyes caused by air pollution
  • ?Improve contact lens-related dry eyes
  • Fight free radicals
  • Boost immune system
  • Smooth fine lines and firm eye
  • Relieve eye discomfort caused by medication
  • Reduce puffy eyes caused by medication
  • Post lasik surgery eye care
  • Reduce eye strain caused by computer-use and radiation
  • Slow down symptoms of presbyopia and myopia
  • Cleanse lymph nodes around eyes
  • No Surgery
  • No Injection
  • No Pills
  • Fast Results

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